Prepared by Anoop Shetty; Hema Upreti; Edited by Samuel Francis Gills on September 23, 2022

The government of Alberta is honoring 23 immigrants for their contributions to their communities and work towards making Alberta a more welcoming place. With a goal to recognize immigrants’ contribution to the province’s neighborhoods, economy, professions, and communities, the Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards were established in June. Young people, women, elders, business owners, academics, professionals, and community leaders who have improved their workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and volunteer organizations are among the honorees.

Jason Kenny {Premier} congratulated everyone who received a First Alberta Newcomer Recognition Award. He mentioned that as they have constructed their life and succeeded in Alberta, they have shown courage, imagination, and compassion. He added that they are fortunate to call Alberta their home.

Muhammad Yaseen, Associate Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism mentioned that immigrants in Alberta have made a significant contribution in making the province a prosperous, progressive, multicultural, and welcoming home for everyone. He said he was honored to offer the awards to 23 incredible people and congratulated them for their success in the province and local communities.



Public education and cultural awareness, including a program to recognize immigrants’ accomplishments, are important components of Alberta’s Anti-Racism Action Plan. The plan highlights the government’s commitment to diversity, reducing systemic obstacles to accessing government programs, and ensuring that Albertans have similar access to information and services. It serves as a road map for real action. The Anti-Racism Advisory Council of Alberta has been crucial to this effort.

Recipients of the 2022 Alberta Newcomer Recognition Award

Career and Academics Contribution Award

  • Patrick Etokudo
  • Samuel Mugo
  • Misheck Mwaba

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Tracy Barry
  • Harley Poon
  • Jianhua Zhu

Inclusive Workplaces Award

  • Ling Huang
  • Faith-Michael Uzoka

Newcomer Champion Award

  • Kazir Coulibaly
  • Syed Hassan
  • Boban Stojanovic

Senior Spirit Award

  • George Shouliang Dong
  • Lucenia Ortiz

Small Community Enhancement Award

  • Itua Iriogbe
  • Lana Santana
  • Marjorie Villanis

Student Inspiration Award

  • Noah Tumalad Elle
  • Rawaan Ibrahim

Women’s Newcomer Impact Award

  • Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo
  • Aneela Azim
  • Olga Krochak Sulkin

Young Leader Award

  • Drishti Lakhani
  • Fawaz Saleem

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