IELTS Examination Preparatory Material

Even candidates who are well-versed in English find adequate preparation indispensable from an exam point of view. The question is not whether you are good in English. Quite often it boils down to whether you are good at IELTS because, without preparation, the structure of the exam itself becomes a barrier difficult to cross.


IELTS TEST PREPARATORY TESTS (Click the links to download)


Test 1


Listening Test 1

Reading Test 1

Writing Test 1

Speaking Test 1


Test 2


Listening Test 2

Reading Test 2

 Writing Test 2

Speaking Test 2


Test 3


Listening Test 3

Reading Test 3

Writing Test 3

Speaking Test 3


Test 4


Listening Test 4

Reading Test 4

Writing Test 4

Speaking Test 4


Test 5


Listening Test 5

Reading Test 5

Writing Test 5

Speaking Test 5

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