Children and Dependents Sponsorship

The Canadian government strongly supports the union of family members. It has a humanitarian aspect inherent in it, and moreover, the government understands that an individual is most productive when he or she is surrounded by his or her family and loved ones.


The Family Class is the bridge that unites Canadian citizens and permanent residents to their family members outside Canada. Whilst it is easy for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their dependent children (natural as well as adopted) so that they receive permanent resident status is in Canada, the situation is not always the same if the sponsor is a temporary foreign worker in Canada. In any case both the sponsor as well as the sponsored person (in this case, the child or the dependent) need to be accepted by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Dependent Child Sponsorship Program


Alongside spousal and common-law partner sponsorship, as well as parent and grandparent sponsorship programs, the dependent child sponsorship program is also a subclass of the Family Class category. In this program, certain requirements are to be met by the sponsor (the person who is going to sponsor the dependent child) as well as the sponsored child or dependent. Both natural (related by blood) as well as adopted children can be sponsored under this program. Also, both the sponsor as well as the sponsored person must be able to legally prove their relationship to each other. In case of adopted children, the documents pertaining to adoption is sufficient. However, a person may also sponsor his or her adopted child even if the adoption process is in progress. We encourage you to spare a minute and go through the general criteria for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a person from another country. To read about these basic criteria, click here. To read about the requirements specific to the dependent child sponsorship program, click here.


Benefits after Sponsorship


After the successful sponsorship, the sponsored child or dependent will receive all the benefits enjoyed by a Canadian permanent resident, including the right to live, study, and work anywhere in Canada. 


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