Canada Business/Investor Immigration Programs: General Overview

Though there are several advertised and pre-defined business/investor immigration programs, Owlspriority Immigration offers its clientele a certain category of programs that are tailored to the exact needs and aspirations of each business person/manager/investor/entrepreneur/ self-employed person.


Alternatively, there are other business immigration programs also. If you are a business person or has managerial experience, then you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada under several federal as well as provincial business immigration programs.


Available Business Immigration Programs


Express Business Immigration (With PR)


Owlspriority Immigration, through its years of expertise in the Canadian immigration laws and regulations, offers Business Immigration programs that are structured according to the specific circumstances and requirements of the applicant.


Note: The Express Business Immigration (With PR) is not an advertised or pre-defined immigration program. These are strategic business immigration programs structured by the experts at Owlspriority Immigration based on the circumstances and requirements of the applicant.


Whilst most Canadian business immigration programs have conditions and criteria that might often sound challenging to the applicant, Owlspriority Immigration offers the Express Business Immigration program (With PR). Eligible applicants and the applicant’s family members (spouse or common-law partner and dependent children) receives permanent residency status in Canada within a year’s time through this program.


To learn more about Express Business Immigration (With PR) program, click here.


Federal Start-Up Visa Program


This program may be the ideal Canadian immigration program for persons with entrepreneur skills. To be eligible to apply under this program, the person should have the necessary skills and expertise required to start a successful business in Canada that:

  • Is innovative;
  • Can create job for Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents;
  • Can create a positive impact on the Canadian economy (for example, if an export component is involved in the business plan);
  • Can compete on a global scale.

To learn about all available federal business immigration programs, click here.


Quebec Business Immigration


This program is designed for businessmen and investors who plan to settle in the province of Quebec. The process starts with the applicant (along with family, if applicable) obtaining the Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), commonly referred to as the “Quebec Selection Certificate”. The CSQ is the pathway for permanent residency for the applicant once the criminality and medical checks have been completed by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).


To learn more about Quebec Business Immigration programs, click here.


PNP/Provincial Business Immigration


Almost all Canadian provinces have their own business immigration programs to attract businessmen and investors who can:

  • Start businesses that meet the market requirements of the province;
  • Start or re-build new or existing businesses in the particular province;
  • Create jobs for Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents.


To learn more about PNP/Provincial Business Immigration programs, click here.

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