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Finding a Job in Canada is not easy if the job seeker is outside Canada. Every prospective Canadian employer must go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process before the hiring of a foreign national can begin.


Whilst finding a job in Canada can be quite challenging, a person may increase his or her chance of getting hired by a Canadian employer if the person:


  • Has engaged with a professional and licensed recruitment organization that can represent the person’s career-specific interests in the Canadian job market;
  • Has the required skill-set and communication skills (English and/or French, as required by the company’s work culture);
  • Or the person’s prospective employer has engaged with a Canadian immigration service provider, should the need for an LMIA arise, and the employer is willing to do the LMIA for the candidate;
  • Is in the process of obtaining his or her permanent residence visa, in which case neither the candidate nor the prospective Canadian employer needs to go through the hassles of a complex and time-consuming LMIA process.


At Owlspriority Immigration, jobs and career services are channeled through our industry-seasoned partners. Some of them are:


  • The Corporate L.I.F.E Centre International Inc (CLCI), Mississauga, Ontario
  • Immigrant Settlement Services (ISS) of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • U.C.C.E.S.S, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Back In Motion (BIM), Vancouver, British Columbia


S.U.C.C.E.S.S is one of the oldest and reputed Immigrant Settlement Services (ISS) in Canada which started its operations as early as 1973. It was established in the year 1973 and incorporated as an organization in the year 1974. The ISS of BC serves the needs of our clients who wish to work and settle in the province of British Columbia. Below are some of the services our network partners offer:


Skill Set Assessment: The duties and responsibilities pertaining a specific job designation could be different in Canada compared to what the same demands in your home country. For example, what a bank clerk does in India could be different from what a bank clerk does in Canada. Whilst the basic nature of the job remains the same, banking in Canada is different compared to banking in India. The Skill Set Assessment will give the job seeker a very comprehensive idea about the various job responsibilities he or she will have to undertake once he or she has entered a similar job in Canada.


Job Search services: Once you know what type of companies are most likely to hire you, and have a city-wise statistics of these company types, you may choose to engage our partners to represent your job profile in the most potential job markets in Canada.


Resume and Cover Letter: Though it may sound simple, it is not. A resume sent to the wrong employer is equal to a resume not sent at all. And similarly, a wrong resume sent to right employer is also equivalent to a resume not sent at all. Canadian resumes and cover letters are expected to comply with the North American work culture. Keeping your resume brief and simple often tend to turn to your advantage when it comes to getting hired by a Canadian employer.


Interview Preparation: Once called in for an interview, the success of having a job lies in your own hands. A typical Canadian employer, as per a recent survey, is less than 50% interested in your work capacity. So, what does the remaining 50% attribute to? These are some of the key decision-making factors when it comes to getting hired in Canada:


  • Effective communication (written and oral)
  • Effective cross-cultural interaction
  • Fast and effective decision-making
  • Subject-matter expertise
  • Demonstrating the willingness to go the extra mile


LinkedIn Promotion: All over North America, LinkedIn plays a very crucial role connecting employers and employees. Because of this reason, the right exposure to your LinkedIn profile becomes a necessity.

English/French Language Training: Often, some level of English and French language skills become indispensable when it comes to working in Canada. Our partners ISS organizations have triumphed in providing workplace language training for decades.


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