Federal Investor Program (Terminated)

Under this program, the government of Canada demands an investment of C$800,000 based on which the applicant as well as the applicant’s family members will be given permanent residency in Canada.


Note: As of 19 June 2014, this program is no more available. The information provided on this page is for our clients who had taken part in this program prior to the program termination.


  • The applicant (along with family, if applicable) much choose to reside in any province or territory in Canada other than the province of Quebec;
  • The applicant must have a minimum net worth of C$1.6 million (this can be shared assets also, wherein the assets of the applicant as well as the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner are taken into consideration);
  • The applicant need to make a 5-year interest-free investment of C$800,000, which will be returned to the applicant by the government at the end of the 5-year tenure. The investment can be made in 2 ways:


Investing your own fund: The applicant may make a government-guaranteed investment of C$800,000. This investment will be retained by the government for a period of exactly 5 years from the date the investment was made, after which the full amount of C$800,000 will be returned to the applicant with no interest.


Getting help of a government approved financial institution: The applicant may also choose to approach a government-approved financial institution for the funds. The applicant will need to pay a one-time financing fee to the financial institution, following which the institution will invest C$800,000 on behalf of the applicant with the government.


Please see the table below for the complete requirements of this program:

Condition Requirement
Business/Management Experience Complying ownership requirement in the program and/or management responsibility requirements. Alternatively, an employment of at least 5 persons in the business.
Minimum Net Worth C$1.6 million
Investment A five-year investment of a minimum of C$800,000. Financing is available through government recognised financial institutions.
Intended Destination Anywhere in Canada, except the province of Quebec
Others Post acceptance, IRCC will be demanding medical checks as well as police/penal clearance checks.


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