Parents and Grandparents Program: Invitations to Apply

In the year 2017, the Parents and Grandparents Program was migrated to an Invitation to Apply system. Unlike the Express Entry ITAs, here the invitations happen on a “random” basis.


Prior to 2017, the Parents and Grandparents Program selection cycles worked in a first-come-first-serve basis. In the new Invitation to Apply system though, eligible applicants must first submit the “Interest to Sponsor” form during the specific intake period.


Step-wise elucidation of the process


Step 1: Before applying


The first step is to see if you are eligible for the sponsorship. Being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is not just enough to sponsor your parent(s) or grandparent(s) to come to Canada as permanent residents. You must meet all applicable criteria, including the “financial ability”. To see all applicable requirements prior to submitting the Interest to Sponsor form, click here.


Step 1: Submitting the online application form


The reason why many potential or eligible candidates experience rejection is because of the lack of preparation. The sponsor must keep in mind that he or she will have only 60 days’ time to submit all the required documentation once he or she has been invited to sponsor. The documentation, quite often, tend to be exhaustive, including but not limited to, civil status documents, income tax filing documents, etc.


Step 1: Once the invitation is received


Once the applicant receives an invitation to sponsor, he or she will be required to submit all the required supporting documents, as well as the applicable forms. These include:

  • Use of representative form
  • Background/Declaration (Schedule A)
  • Additional Dependents/Declaration
  • Detailed family information
  • The generic application form
  • Common-law declaration (Statutory)
  • Financial evaluation for PGP
  • Application to sponsor, sponsorship agreement and undertaking
  • Application processing fees


It is very important to note that the application is considered complete only if it includes all the applicable forms, records, and supporting documents. All incomplete application will be rejected. Disappointments usually stem from both sides (from the sponsor’s side as well as the sponsored person(s) and other family members) when an application is rejected. So, entertaining this crucial fact in the background, it is essential to be prepared well-before an invitation for sponsorship is issued.


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