Comprehensive Market Research (CMR) Service

Whether you are looking to purchase a business in Canada or establish a new one, a good market research is indispensable. It gives you the information and data required to make a better-informed decision. Especially, since you are dealing with an economy that may not be familiar to you.


When it comes to purchasing a business in Canada or establish a new business, Owlspriority Immigration’s market research team offers market research services that can help the person make a well-informed decision. Often, a variety of factors contribute to the person’s decision making, and not just the ledger and cash flow statements. The market research services we provide can be divided into 2 stages for the sake of understanding:


  • Preliminary Market Research (PMR) – 1st stage
  • Comprehensive Market Research (CMR) – 2nd stage


Comprehensive Market Research (For purchasing or acquiring an existing business in Canada)

Once the Preliminary Market Research (PMR) is complete (preferably accompanied by an exploratory visit), our market research team initiates the comprehensive research. This phase is the most critical as well as sensitive part of the research. Starting from identifying the research area(s) to research criteria(s), it has a direct correlation to the nature of the application. That is, the applicant's immigration application. The purpose, scope and extent/depth of the research are identified by consulting with the person (the buyer) before the research is commenced. Afterwards, on mutually agreed terms, the research is initiated.


Comprehensive Market Research (For establishing a new business in Canada)

The comprehensive research area with respect to establishing a new business in Canada doesn’t stand by its own. Owlspriority Immigration’s market research team works with the applicant (the buyer who is looking to immigrate) from the preliminary stage onwards. Sometimes, it may not be possible to draw a clear line between the preliminary and comprehensive stages of the research when it comes to establishing new businesses in Canada. Whilst the elements and principles of the research remains more or less the same as with purchasing or acquiring an existing business, the direction of the research will be completely different as the business is not yet operational.


Employment of other professionals:

Quite often, this phase of the research will require the employment of other professionals also. It depends completely on the nature/type of the business, as well as the scope of the research. Depending on the case, we may have to procure the services of:

  • Notaries: If attestations are required
  • Certified/Chartered Professional Accountants: For the vetting and validating financial statements
  • Subject Matter Experts/SMEs: For expert opinion in case if the business has a regulatory/compliance aspect inherent in its day-to-day operations, etc.

The criteria, nature, scope, and extent/depth of the comprehensive research is always different from one business to the other.


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