Foreign (non-Canadian) Businesses & Employers: Work Permits

With the advent of globalization and economic liberalization, some concepts regarding when and where you may start your business has vanished for good. For example, if you have a business in India or China, it is now very easy to start (or expand) your business in Canada.


A report by Ernst & Young (EY), of the Big4 firms, ranks Canada as one of the top 5 places in the world to start new businesses. Comparing this to the fact that KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives study 2016 has shown that Canada stands at the 2nd place with respect to the cost advantage relative to the USA, this presents great opportunities for small, medium and large scale foreign businesses to establish themselves in Canada. Talk to us today so that our team of work permit specialists can analyze your case in detail, and help you secure the necessary work visas (work permits) to any number of employees you have in your mind.


On the other hand, if your company already has a branch/affiliate/subsidiary/head office in Canada, then the Intra-Company Transfer would be the best option available for you to transfer your key employees to Canada. To learn more about Intra-Company Transfers, click here.


At Owlspriority Immigration, the work permit inquiry response is an expedited process. Please provide necessary information in the form below and click send inquiry. Our team of experts will evaluate your requirement(s) and reach out to you immediately.

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