Now, the government of Canada has made it even more simple allowing foreign workers to work in Canada. Also, the government has introduced some unique provisions empowering the Canadian employer to bring foreign workers to Canada more quickly and economically.


However, it is crucial to know and explore all the options available to you – whether you are a foreign worker or a Canadian employer – before you decide. At Owlspriority Immigration, our expert team can help you make a well-informed decision.


The Canadian government is willing to take more foreign workforce to Canada in order to meet the demand as well as to contribute to the Canadian job market. In most of the cases, the foreign worker will need a work permit to work in Canada. However, there are certain exemptions to this wherein you would be able to work in Canada without a work permit. Also, there is a plethora of options to work in Canada wherein the candidate need not undergo the usual work permit process. These includes, but not limited to, the post-graduate work permits, permits issued by the government under international trade agreements like NAFTA & CETA, working holidays, etc.

Canadian Work Permit Types

LMIA based Work Permits

This category of work permits mandates the employer to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment before hiring.

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LMIA Exemptions

Certain job categories and circumstances gives flexibility to the employer to hire without obtaining a LMIA.

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Intra-Company Transfers

These work permits allow a company to bring its employees to its Canadian office without

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Open Work Permits

These work permits allow the holder to work for any Canadian employer anywhere in Canada.

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Business Visitors

These work permits allow business visitors to work in Canada as long as they do not enter the Canadian labour market.

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Post-Graduation Work Permits

These work permits allow post-graduate students in Canada to work for Canadian employers up to 3 years.

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NAFTA Work Permits

Issued under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), these work permits allow the holders to work in Canada without LMIA.

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CETA Work Permits

Issued under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), these work permits allow the holders to work in Canada without LMIA.

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I am looking for employment or work opportunities in Canada

If you are looking for employment or work opportunities in Canada, our expert team can guide you through the best channels and networks in Canada. Starting from Resume Critique to Interview Preparation, Owlspriority Immigration’s Career Establishment Services (CES) partners can make your job searching easy and logical. They can also make you ready for the right job in Canada. They can give your profile the best exposure in the Canadian job market, however, the success of your search will depend largely on:

  • How well you perform in the interviews;
  • Your skill-set;
  • Your English/French communication skills;
  • Your willingness to relocate to Canada, etc.

Please contact us so that we can guide you properly.

I have a job offer from a Canadian company

First of all, congratulations! What you have in your hand is something many people are striving to obtain. Having a job offer alone will not allow you to work in Canada. You need to have a work permit before you can go to Canada and start working. Explore our work permit services to get a brief idea about the various work permit services we offer. Sometimes, you may also want to take your family with you while you move to your new work location in Canada. Please contact us so that we can guide you properly, step-by-step.


 I am a Canadian business (Employer), and want to hire a foreign worker

The magic abbreviation you need to be aware of is the LMIA. It stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment, and every Canadian business (Employer) is required to apply for an LMIA from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) before they can bring a foreign worker to Canada. However, there are certain exemptions to this, not only under NAFTA and CETA. Our work permit experts will consult with you to understand your specific business needs, and desired skill-set & qualifications of the worker you have in your mind, etc., to help you hire that desired worker in the easiest and desirable way for you. In certain cases, you could take a completely different path – Intra-company transfers – and speed-up the process significantly. To explore all your options, please contact us today with an accurate description of your business needs.

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