Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognizes the following three language tests only for immigration to Canada through its Federal programs. However, the province of Quebec accepts multiple language assessment tests for candidates to substantiate their French language skills.



IELTS Training: Over the years, Westword IELTS (the IELTS department of Owlspriority Immigration), through its partnership efforts with the British Council and IDP Education, has created a unique training program deigned specifically for Canadian immigration. To know more about our IELTS training methodology, click here.


IELTS Preparatory Material: We provide free IELTS preparatory resources to our immigration clients. To access these materials for IELTS exam preparation, click here.


English Accent and Communication Training: IELTS examination is divided into Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sessions. Many candidates find the Speaking session difficult, and this is mainly because of the lack of practice. Even if a person is well-versed in English language, the requirement to speak about a topic (the Q card) continuously for 2 minutes can be quite challenging without adequate practice. To learn more about our English Accent and Communication Training, click here.


Fast-Track Grammar Classes: The correct usage of grammar gives life and sense to communication (written as well as spoken). At Westword IELTS, our fast-track grammar classes are designed to help candidates liberate their English writing and speaking from some of the most commonly made grammatical errors. To know more about our Fast-Track Grammar classes, click here.


Now you can take IELTS classes Online: With clients spread across the globe, Westword IELTS offers IELTS training to its candidates through online platforms as well as real classroom. Whilst the quality and effectiveness of the training remains the same, technology-enabled training delivery gives flexibility and easiness to our clients. To know more about our modes of IELTS training, click here.

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