The Canadian Passport

The Canadian passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports, which its bearer (the Canadian citizen) should be proud of.


According to the Passport Index – a global survey that ranks how powerful each countries’ passports are with respect to various factors – Canada has recently moved up by two spots, securing the fourth place in the world’s pool of passports. Previously, Canada held the sixth place in the world. The ranking is based on visa-free travel, or in other words, Global Mobility.


Canadians have the unique privilege to travel to more than 161 different countries in the world without needing to have a visa. This means that Canada has strong and positive diplomatic relations with world nations, and its ability to afford visa-free border crossing to many countries.


Every Canadian citizen can apply for a Canadian passport. Permanent residents of Canada can apply for a Canadian passport when they have become Canadian citizens. For becoming a Canadian citizen, the person may or may not have to attend the citizenship test. To know more about the citizenship test, click here.


If you are planning, or have already scheduled your Canadian citizenship test, bear in mind that you will be given a citizenship ceremony date at the end of your test. If not, the same will be communicated to you through email or letter mail. Once you have attended the citizenship ceremony, you will be given the citizenship certificate. The Canadian citizenship certificate is not an identity document or a travel document. Its only purpose is to prove that you are a citizen of Canada. 2 days (48 hours) after the ceremony, you will be able to apply for your Canadian passport. This time is required for your information to sync with the Canadian government’s records and systems.


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