Biometrics Country-wise Checklist

If you are planning to visit Canada, depending on your country of citizenship, you may have to provide your biometrics (fingerprints and photo).


The biometric requirement is part of the country’s safety and security measures. In fact, the applicants too benefit from this by experiencing a smooth and fast processing that takes only a few minutes. The below list will help you understand if you will need to give your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) in order to visit Canada.


Country Biometrics requirement effective date
Afghanistan 11-Dec-2013
Albania 23-Oct-2013
Algeria 23-Oct-2013
Bangladesh 11-Dec-2013
Burma (Myanmar) 11-Dec-2013
Cambodia 11-Dec-2013
Colombia 4-Sep-2013
Democratic Republic of Congo 23-Oct-2013
Egypt 11-Dec-2013
Eritrea 23-Oct-2013
Haiti 4-Sep-2013
Iran 11-Dec-2013
Iraq 11-Dec-2013
Jamaica 4-Sep-2013
Jordan 11-Dec-2013
Laos 11-Dec-2013
Lebanon 11-Dec-2013
Libya 23-Oct-2013
Nigeria 23-Oct-2013
Pakistan 11-Dec-2013
Palestinian Authority 11-Dec-2013
Saudi Arabia 23-Oct-2013
Somalia 23-Oct-2013
South Sudan 23-Oct-2013
Sri Lanka 11-Dec-2013
Sudan 23-Oct-2013
Syria 11-Dec-2013
Tunisia 23-Oct-2013
Vietnam 11-Dec-2013
Yemen 11-Dec-2013


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