Foreign Workers & Professionals: Work Permits

Securing a Canadian job offer is not enough for you to begin your work in Canada. You need to have a work permit to start working in Canada legally.


If you still don’t have a Canadian job offer, we can assist you in your job search in Canada through our trusted Career Establishment Services (CES) partners. To learn more about our Career Establishment Services (CES), click here.


Quite often, you would want to take your family with you while you begin your work life in Canada. Depending on how you plan your future, it could also lead to your permanent residency status in Canada. At Owlspriority Immigration, the commencement of our service(s) begins with a free consultation. Our work permit experts can guide you through the most appropriate channel in securing a Canadian work permit, so that you can start legally working in Canada. Also, they will be guiding you step-by-step on how you can take your dear ones with you to Canada.


At Owlspriority Immigration, the work permit inquiry response is an expedited process. Please provide necessary information in the form below and click send inquiry. Our team of experts will evaluate your requirement(s) and reach out to you immediately.

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