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Westword IELTS (the IELTS department of Owlspriority Immigration) is driven by Trinity certified TESOLs who are highly qualified to training IELTS . Our Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) centric IELTS training enables candidates to concentrate on the examination from an immigration perspective.


When it comes to immigration to Canada, often a good IELTS score, if not all the times, impacts the fate of the application tremendously. In Express Entry aligned immigration streams alone, a minor change in the candidate’s IELTS scores makes significant changes to the candidate’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Taking these facts into consideration, Owlspriority Immigration, though Westword IELTS, provides world-class IELTS training and examination preparatory materials to its clients across the globe.


Powered by Virtual Classrooms and Flexible Time: Owlspriority Immigration has offices in Vancouver (Canada) and Bangalore city (India). Though the IELTS team sits in the offices, it might often not be possible for candidates to come to the office premises daily to attend classes. As a solution to this problem, classes are also offered online through digital platforms like Microsoft's Skype, Zoom, etc. For people in some countries of the Middle East where Skype is blocked, classes are offered through the Zoom application very effectively.


Canada immigration specific IELTS Training: The IELTS examination can be taken for a wide range of purposes. However, when it comes to immigration to Canada, the correlation between IELTS test scores and the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standard is very important. Westword IELTS training methodology follows the IELTS-CLB model because it is designed exclusively for immigration to Canada. To know more about our IELTS Training, click here.


IELTS Preparatory Material: Luca Lampariello, a renowned language consultant once said, “Language cannot be taught; it can only be learnt.” Westword IELTS’ exam preparatory material enables candidates to effectively prepare for the IELTS examination by reducing the time invested on paid training services elsewhere. To access our free IELTS preparatory material, click here.


Accent and Communication Training: Often, candidates find the speaking session difficult, and this is because of the lack of practice. Even if a person is well-versed in English language, the requirement to speak about a topic (the Q card) continuously for 2 minutes can be quite challenging without adequate practice. To learn more about our English Accent and Speaking Training, click here.


Fast-Track Grammar Classes: The correct usage of grammar gives life and sense to communication (written as well as spoken). At Westword IELTS, our special fast-track grammar classes are designed to help candidates liberate their English writing and speaking from some of the most commonly made grammatical errors. To know more about our Fast-Track Grammar classes, click here.


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