Training Methodology

A standard and well-organized training methodology is indispensable to achieve tangible results in a short period of time.


At Westword IELTS, training for each candidate commences after an assessment (the Diagnostic test). The diagnostic test, which usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, gives a projection of the Candidate's language capacity. Post the test, the candidate is briefed on the IELTS marking criteria, examination structure, etc. The candidate is also walked through the correlation between the IELTS band scores and the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standard. This gives the candidate a direction on the area(s) he or she may need to improve from the Canadian immigration perspective.


Key features of Westword IELTS training methodology


CLB Targeted: CLB stands for the Canadian Language Benchmark. Quite often it happens that Owlspriority Immigration’s clients enroll for IELTS training with other training institutes and centers. However, while they score good in some areas of the IELTS examination, they fail to achieve the same in other areas. Quiet often they are also mistaken by believing that better their IELTS band-score, better their CRS score for Canadian immigration. Though this is true to some extent, it would be wrong to say it is the fact. This is because whether you are writing IELTS/CELPIP/TEF, when it comes to immigration to Canada, your scores are converted to CLB levels. And it is the CLB level of your IELTS band scores that determines the fate of your CRS score in the Express Entry pool. To know more about the correlation between CLB and IELTS band scores, click here.


Real IELTS Exam Simulation: Luca Lampariello, a renowned language consultant once said, “Language cannot be taught; it can only be learnt.” In other words, English cannot be taught; it can only be learnt through practice. Since a person can practice correctly as well as wrongly, the key is always ‘how much you practice correctly’. The last 2 weeks of our IELTS training is comprised primarily of real IELTS exam simulations. This gives the candidate exposure to the real test environment.


Highly Qualified IELTS Staff: At Owlspriority Immigration, we strive to retain quality in everything we do. All our staff are not only graduates and/or post-graduates in English, but also come with years of expertise in IELTS training. The methodology, marking criteria, test conditions, etc., of the IELTS has changed drastically during the past years. Whilst our trainers are highly knowledgeable about these changes and revisions, they also undertake the British Council’s “Train the Trainer” program periodically to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in their training.


Neutral accent (if the candidate is not a native English speaker): IELTS examination is divided into Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sessions. Many candidates find the Speaking session difficult, and this is mainly because of the lack of practice. Even if a person is well-versed in English, the requirement to speak about a topic (the Q card) continuously for 2 minutes can be quite challenging without adequate practice. To learn more about our accent and speaking training, click here.


The stress on English grammar: The correct usage of grammar gives life and sense to communication (written as well as spoken). At Westword IELTS, our grammar classes are designed to help candidates liberate their English writing and speaking from some of the most commonly made grammatical errors. To know more about our grammar classes, click here.


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