Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a charming, peaceful place with low, rolling countryside and farmlands.


Prince Edward Island is the nation’s smallest province, 224 km from tip to tip, is dotted with lovely villages and beautiful sandy beaches. Stroll along these 1,770km of beaches, breathe in the fresh air, and discover the numerous sand dunes and quiet coves. The sea is Princes Edward Island’s most important resource yielding, for example, world famous Malpeque oysters. This attractive island is well known for its rich, red soil creating the famous PEI potatoes.

The primary automobile access is by the Confederation Bridge between Bayfield, New Brunswick and Borden-Carleton, PEI. Once crosses over, PEI offers some beautiful drives with tree-lined streets and views of scenic beaches and bays. The PEI National Park has the little white and green home famed as the setting for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. 


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