Exploring Career Opportunities in Canada from Abroad

Exploring Career Opportunities in Canada from Abroad

Ninan Lawrence Published:
May 16, 2024

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) operate the well-known Express Entry application management and selection system, which is used by foreign nationals all over the world to move to Canada. Both federal as well as provincial governments of Canada use the Express Entry system to select candidates for economic immigration. Through the Express Entry, selected candidates receive Invitation To Apply or ITA.

After receiving ITA, applicants have sixty days to submit their Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR) to IRCC. The processing time of eAPR by IRCC is determined by a service standard. As of the date of this article, IRCC anticipates processing 80% of eAPR in less time than the six months. Applicants who have filed their eAPR and are reasonably confident that their application will be accepted may begin searching for employment in Canada during this six-month waiting period. Applicants can primarily leverage on three different sources of employment:


Online networking

For efficient work performance and access to career prospects that might not be publicly posted, networking is essential. In a casual social situation, networking is the process of exchanging ideas and information among others who have similar interests or professions. By using professional web platforms and online communities like LinkedIn, you can expand your network even before you travel to Canada. Keeping up with business news and developments and finding possible employment opportunities inside your target industry are two benefits of networking.


Even though creating a network might seem overwhelming, particularly to a recent immigrant to Canada, internet resources (like this article) can be very helpful in helping one understand the value of networking, how to establish and maintain professional relationships, and where to find resources for networking. If you are looking for any employment or work opportunities in Canada, do contact us so that we can guide you properly.

Government of Canada’s Job Bank

The Government of Canada Job Bank serves as a nationwide employment resource, accessible through both a website and a mobile application. Its purpose is to assist permanent residents and Canadian citizens in locating employment opportunities, mapping out their career paths, and simplifying the hiring process for employers nationwide.

This platform enables users to browse job listings, investigate career trajectories, and engage with employers, facilitating seamless connections within the employment landscape.

With the Canada Job Bank, Potential immigrants have access to more than 150,000 job postings that can be filtered by location, job type (remote, part-time), job title, and more. These resources can be used for job search and career planning even before they travel to Canada.

Job posting sites

You can look for a job in Canada using using well-known job boards like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. You can connect with potential employers, upload your resume, and look for job openings using these networks. To locate relevant job opportunities, these job boards allow you to customize your job search depending on your preferences, abilities, and credentials.

One of the most popular job-related websites in Canada is LinkedIn, which ITA recipients can use in a variety of ways to help them locate jobs in the country. LinkedIn can be a useful tool for ITA recipients who are looking for a job before they arrive in Canada because of its job search tools, which include a platform that lets users search through thousands of job postings using filters similar to those used by the Canada Job Bank, and its effective networking capabilities.

Check if you qualify to migrate to Canada. Check out our Settlement Resources to learn how to find employment in Canada, making your initial days stress-free, etc.

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