IRCC Starting New Streams | From This May 6

IRCC Starting New Streams | From This May 6

Samuel Francis Gills Published:
May 10, 2021

Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that six new limited- time immigration pathways will be opened on Thursday May 6, at 12 PM (eastern time) to accept applications. Nearly 90,000 candidates have a chance to become permanent residents in Canada, through these new immigration streams.

The IRCC informed this decision on May 4 after a meeting with the Canadian Bar Association’s (CBA) immigration law section and other associations representing immigration lawyers and consultants.

The Canadian Bar Association’s immigration law section is a body which provides advice to the federal government of Canada on immigration laws and policies. The CBA regularly holds meetings with IRCC and federal government to understand how government changes impact the immigration system.


Below are the six new streams that have become available:
  • Workers in Canada: Stream A for health care workers – 20,000 applications

  • Workers in Canada: stream B for French-speaking essential non-health care workers – no cap

  • Workers in Canada: stream A for French-speaking health care workers – no cap

  • French-speaking international graduates

  • Workers in Canada: stream B for essential non-health care workers – 30,000 applications

  • International graduates – 40,000 applications

The IRCC is expected to process a total of 40,000 new permanent residence applications under the new streams in 2021. And the majority of applicants can expect to obtain their permanent resident status in 2022.


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