First Draw in September | 4,200 Candidates Invited

First Draw in September | 4,200 Candidates Invited

Michael Zimmer Published:
September 05, 2020

The Government of Canada has issued 4,200 invitations for Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a draw that was held on this September 2.

Candidates from the Federal Skilled Worker Class program were among those successful candidates who received ITAs in the draw. This was the third all-program draw since March 18 and the 162nd overall, held by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 475 in the Express Entry pool was enough to ensure an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The 4,200 invitations issued is the highest till date for the year 2020, post the pandemic. The large number of invitations issued in this draw is a strong indicator that Canada remains committed to welcoming high levels of new immigrants in 2020 as well as 2021.

Express Entry is a candidate selection system used by the federal government of Canada to manage applications for Canada’s three main economic-class skilled migration programs:

Candidates eligible for any of these programs are assigned a CRS score based on the data available in their Express Entry profiles. Primarily, the assigning of the scores/points is based on candidates’ various human capital factors like age, work experience, education, and language ability in English and/or French.

The highest-ranked candidates in the pool are then invited to apply for permanent residence through the regular Express Entry draws. Candidates who receive express entry scores below CRS cut-offs can apply for provincial nomination programs, which is the best option to increase the scores. The highest-ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool are issued ITAs in regular invitation rounds. (Check the graph below for ITAs issues in 2020).

This draw brings the total number of ITAs issued this year to 69,950 – a new record for this date.

The time between draws is an essential factor which can influence the CRS cut-off point. Larger intervals between draws mean more candidates have time to enter a profile in the Express Entry pool. (check the graph below for CRS cut off score and time between each draws).

The tie break rule is used for the classification of candidates with the same CRS scores in the pool. The primary consideration for the selection of applicants for permanent residence is directly proportional to their CRS scores.

Tie-break rule applied in this draw saw the date and time used as of September 2, 2020, at 14:17:32 UTC. It means all candidates with a CRS score of 475 and above, and who submitted their profiles before the mentioned date & time received an ITA from the federal government of Canada.

Candidates eligible for any of these programs are given a CRS score in the Express Entry system. This score is based on various factors such as age, work experience, education, and language ability in English and/or French, as explained above.

Although a job offer is not required to qualify under the Express Entry system, the candidate accrues additional CRS scores if the candidate is having a valid (LMIA approved) job offer from any Canadian employer.


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