May 23 to 27 | Saskatchewan Celebrates Differently Abled Professionals

May 23 to 27 | Saskatchewan Celebrates Differently Abled Professionals

Samuel Francis Gills Published:
May 28, 2022

“Disability Service Professionals Week” has been declared by the government of Saskatchewan from May 23 to 27, 2022, to commemorate and celebrate the essential work that people all throughout the province do to support people with disabilities.

The province of Saskatchewan continues to focus on creating strong, inclusive communities for persons with disabilities, which cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the disability service industry. $256.8 million was invested in disability sector third-party service providers in Saskatchewan’s 2022-23 budget, including $4.9 million in new funds, reaffirming this commitment.

“Disability service specialists provide critical services and have a direct relationship with clients,” said Lori Carr, the Minister of Social Services. They respect their community collaborations with disability service providers because they continuously work professionally to ensure that people are safe and receive the resources they require.

SARC is a provincial organisation with over 100 members, with more than 80 of them providing daily services to thousands of persons with disabilities across Saskatchewan. SARC Members are community-based organisations that provide residential and day-care services to the persons they help. Each community-based organisation has its own board of directors and is self-contained.

SARC Executive Director Amy McNeil said, “Disability Service Professionals Week is an important week for the disability service sector where SARC Members and their workers join to celebrate the numerous successes and strengths of the industry. Thousands of experts work in the field, providing high-quality care and assisting people in achieving their objectives.”

The value of disability service providers and their personnel is recognised in this proclamation, which supports the Saskatchewan Disability Strategy. Residents and communities in Saskatchewan are invited to use a curated hashtag [#SKDisability] to promote their achievements related to the Disability Strategy.

Saskatchewan Government in association with the disability community is investing in disabled people’s development. This also indicates that once a disabled immigrant person secures Permanent Residence in Saskatchewan, they will be eligible for the Saskatchewan government’s above-mentioned services. Saskatchewan’s prioritisation of persons with disability opens opportunities for people who might have otherwise been held back by their disabilities.


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