Canadian Employers & Recruitment | Due Diligence in Social Media

Canadian Employers & Recruitment | Due Diligence in Social Media

Michael Zimmer Published:
May 13, 2023

Before extending an offer of employment or maybe before an interview, Canadian companies research prospective employees on social media. Both newcomers and Canadian citizens should be aware of this.

On behalf of a renowned recruitment company, a study was carried out in this January by the Harris Poll, a major worldwide consulting and market research business. According to the report, more than 60% of Canadian businesses (65%) claim to check a candidate’s social media. 41% of those surveyed in this category claimed to have rejected a job applicant because of material they discovered on their social media accounts.

When searching for a job, it’s important to prioritize refining and editing your social media presence early on. This is because some employers may start evaluating a candidate’s social media accounts in the early stages of the hiring process, while others may wait until the final stages. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your social media profiles are professional and appropriate, as they can provide valuable insights to potential employers.

What qualifications do employers seek?

It’s not only your LinkedIn profile that matters when it comes to social media screening by potential employers. Employers are likely to review any social media profile that appears in a Google search.

Moreover, social media monitoring does not cease after being hired. The Harris Poll data reveals that 86% of employers would terminate a current employee who makes “inappropriate posts” on social media. Employers define inappropriate posts as those that can harm the company’s reputation, disclose confidential information, or endorse illegal drug use.


What to look out for if your social media profile is not private?

If you decide to keep your social media public, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Grammar and spelling are crucial since they have an impact on the truthfulness and authority of your postings. Potential employers may be turned off by grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • If you have your profile in more than one social media platform, it is better you stick to ‘uniform presentation’. For example, if your LinkedIn profile is professional-looking, your Facebook profile must also be professional-looking.
  • Avoiding political, religious, or sectarian comments or statements in your social media profiles would be a wise idea.
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