Prepared by Zilpah D’Souza; Hema Upreti; Edited by Samuel Francis Gills on November 25, 2022

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the world’s leading English language proficiency tests for work and migration in any English-speaking country. The examinee will be assessed on their language acquisition skills such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The government of Canada finds it important that one must possess a decent level of English language proficiency to adapt to the changes in a new country after migration.

The candidate can take IELTS through paper-based or computer-based test. Paper-based test requires legible and tidy written work whereas computer-based test requires decent typing speed. The score/band remains between 0-9 regardless of whether one is taking up the test through paper or computer. One of the reasons why many prefer computer-based test over paper-based test is the declaration of results. The candidate will receive the results within 3 to 5 days when attempted through computer- based.



What is the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)?

Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB refers to a national standard that is used in the Canadian immigration applications to describe a 12-point system of English language ability in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It is divided into 3 levels of proficiency such as Basic (1-4 points), intermediate (5-8) points and advanced (9-12 points). The points earned are awarded to CLB accordingly and therefore, candidates applying for permanent resident status through programs managed under Express Entry system must prove a minimum CLB level based on the class they are applying through.

Score conversion: IELTS CLB

Express Entry for permanent residency requires a minimum language proficiency level of CLB 6 and above to be eligible for express entry. The equivalency between the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and IELTS is summarized the table below:




A score of 9 in CLB plays a significant role in Canadian immigration to obtain permanent residency from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada). The level considers the IELTS General score of 8.0 for listening and 7.0 for reading, writing, and speaking. CLB score of 9 categorizes a candidate under the advanced level of proficiency and shows a fully operational command of the language. Therefore, preparation and practice play a pivotal role for a good CLB score. Each skill needs to be practiced daily with different kinds of questions and aids before appearing for the test. While taking an IELTS test, the candidate should ensure not to lose focus and comprehend each question as per the instructions given to achieve a desired score. Since selection or de-selection is dependent on CLB score, the understanding of each skill and pattern of questions is essential.

We at Owlspriority Immigration provide IELTS sessions to our clients by helping them understand the guidelines for each skill, practice through different kinds of questions and even attempt mock tests. We schedule clients for an informative feedback session after the training is completed to help them understand where they can improve to attain better scores in the exam. Through dedicated practice sessions with an IELTS trainer, clients will better understand the skill that they need to work on and appear for the test confidently.

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