Prepared by Samuel Francis Gills; Shreeya A Pal; Edited by Veronica Laurent on January 28, 2022

Ontario is the go-to destination for financial corporations from all over the world. In addition to being a safe and liveable city, Ontario has a long history as the financial and economic hub of Canada and, in some situations, the rest of the world. Its central location and strong economic foundation attract businesses and bankers. The city’s banks and insurance industries are among the greatest in the world, showing the city’s success.

Ontario’s banking industry is one of the country’s most important economic contributors and is reputed for its resilience.The financial sector in Ontario creates almost 37,000 jobs and accounts for around 20% of all jobs in the province. By doing so the sector ensures a bright future for individuals seeking Canadian immigration through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

In terms of direct employment and the financial services industry, Toronto has the second-largest financial sector in North America. It is also a major contributor to Ontario’s GDP. According to the Banker and the Global Financial Centres Index, it is also among the world’s top ten international financial hubs. Furthermore, the finance industry generates $63 billion in GDP and employs more than 365,000 people across 12,000 financial services firms.



The province of Ontario, Canada’s financial capital, is well-known for:

  • Being the headquarters of four of Canada’s major banks in Ontario.
  • Accounting technicians, bookkeepers, financial managers, investment analysts, and bankers flock to Ontario because it is one of the most attractive places to work.
  • Three of the top five largest Canadian insurers, eight of the largest Canadian asset managers, the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) organisation, and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) are all located in the province.
  • In addition, Ontario has a highly educated and capable financial services workforce of over 365,000 professionals, which accounts for roughly half of the province’s finance industry employment.
  • In total, there are roughly 9,000 Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and 88,000 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Ontario.
  • The most preferred institutions include Bank of America, Bank of China, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.

A famous meeting place for financial experts from all over the world:

Ontario has a lot to offer for experienced people looking to immigrate to Canada. People who choose to live, work, and study in Ontario may benefit greatly from the province’s stable economy. Furthermore, Ontario is a great destination for qualified financial employees looking for a bright future because of the proper balance of recognised financial organisations, financial stability, and a strong banking system. These variables will aid the Canadian government in concentrating on its immigration goals, particularly in Ontario.

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