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Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is a significant milestone in the pursuit of permanent residency. It means that your application has met the eligibility criteria and you are now invited to proceed with the formal application process. However, life is dynamic, and circumstances can change unexpectedly after receiving an ITA. In this article, we will explore what happens when your situation changes post invitation, and provide insights into the obligations, timelines, and considerations involved.





An ITA is an official communication from an immigration authority, such as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), inviting an individual to apply for permanent residency based on their qualifications. Candidates who have submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) or created a profile in the immigration system are placed in a pool and ranked based on a comprehensive scoring system. Those with the highest scores are typically issued an ITA through regular draws conducted by the immigration authority.


Your obligations after being invited

Once an individual receives an ITA, they have certain obligations. Firstly, it is essential to thoroughly review the ITA and ensure its authenticity. Candidates should verify the validity period, required documents, and any additional conditions stated in the invitation. They must also confirm their intention to proceed with the application within the specified timeframe.

Upon receiving an ITA, candidates usually have a limited timeframe, typically 60 days, to gather all the necessary documentation and submit a complete application. This period can be intense and requires careful attention to detail. Candidates must collate essential documents such as passports, educational credentials, work experience letters, language test results, police clearance certificates, and medical examination reports. It is crucial to meticulously follow the instructions provided by the immigration authority to avoid delays or potential rejection of the application.


Tackling unexpected changes post invitation

Life can present unexpected changes, such as a job offer, marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, after receiving an ITA. It is crucial to notify the immigration authorities immediately about any significant changes that may impact on your application. Depending on the nature of the change, you may be required to update your application, provide additional documentation, or seek further guidance from the immigration authorities to ensure your application remains accurate and up to date.





One aspect that requires special consideration is age change. The age of the principal applicant is an essential factor in immigration programs, as it often contributes to the candidate’s points or eligibility for certain categories. If a candidate experiences a change in age, such as reaching a higher age category, it is crucial to understand the implications and consult with immigration authorities regarding the impact on the application. Different immigration programs may have varying guidelines and policies regarding age changes, and seeking expert advice is highly recommended.


Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is an exciting step towards realizing your dream of permanent residency. However, life is full of uncertainties, and situations can change unexpectedly. It is vital to be proactive and inform the immigration authorities promptly about any significant changes that may impact your application. Seek guidance from immigration experts to navigate through these changes effectively and ensure that your application remains accurate and up to date. Remember, being transparent and following the guidelines will help you maintain a strong immigration profile and increase your chances of a successful outcome.


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