Prepared by Samuel Francis Gills; Shreeya A Pal; Edited by Veronica Laurent on March 26, 2022

You may apply for Canadian citizenship at any time in your life, and there is no age limit on when you can do so. Being a Canadian citizen has several advantages. You have the capacity to live in a country with a stable economy, society, and political climate for the rest of your life. This includes having access to a wide range of work options, universal healthcare, high-quality education for your children, and a passport that allows you to travel to 185 countries without requiring a visa. These are some of the main reasons why people who have Canadian parents seek citizenship for themselves.

You can apply for citizenship in Canada at any point in your life. There is no upper age limit for submitting a Proof of Citizenship application. You can also file the application regardless of whether your Canadian parent is living or dead.



A Canadian immigration lawyer may assist you with the application for Proof of Citizenship, often known as a Canadian citizenship certificate. By completing a full and correct Proof of Citizenship application on your behalf, an expert immigration lawyer can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. This is critical since the epidemic is causing delays in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s processing periods (IRCC).

Prior to the pandemic, processing periods for Proof of Citizenship applications were around five months, but they are currently taking longer. The good news is that the IRCC is working on several modernisation projects to reduce processing times.

If one of my parents is a Canadian citizen, how can I apply for citizenship?

You must show proof that at least one biological or legal parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth to the IRCC. The parent’s birth certificate, citizenship card, or citizenship certificate can all be used as proof. The application fee for IRCC is $75 CAD.

When IRCC has verified that your application is complete, it will send you an “acknowledgement of receipt.” IRCC will mail you a Canadian citizenship certificate after your application has been approved.

Canada has one of the most open citizenship systems in the world and is one of the greatest countries in the world. As a result, you should take advantage of the chance to become a Canadian.

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