Prepared by Shreeya A Pal; Shi Hui Yu; Edited by Samuel Francis Gills on August 8, 2022

Unemployment has dropped to a historic low of 4.0 percentage in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. This is the second lowest among provinces, with 24,400 new jobs added year over year. Statistics Canada’s July 2022 job numbers show that Saskatchewan added 24,400 jobs, a 4.4% increase compared to last year – the third highest increase among provinces. All the growth was shown in full-time jobs.

Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate of 4.0 percent remained the second lowest among provinces in July 2022, down from 7.1% in July 2021 and well below the national average of 4.9 percent (seasonal adjustments applied). “Saskatchewan continues to be a national leader, with one of the lowest unemployment rates and some of the country’s highest job growth,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Low unemployment rates, combined with the strong job creation numbers we’ve seen in the last year, will lead to even more economic growth and prosperity for all residents of our province.”

In July 2022, full-time employment increased by 32,600 (+7.1%) while part-time employment decreased by 8,100 (-8.1%) from July 2021.

The below chart shows the increase in jobs in Saskatchewan province.



Off-reserve Indigenous employment in Saskatchewan increased by 8,700 jobs (+14.7 percent) for the twentieth month in a row. Indigenous youth employment increased by 2,900 jobs (+25.9%) for the sixth month in a row. Accommodation and food services added 8,300 jobs (+27.7 percent), health care and social assistance added 5,700 jobs (+6.6 percent), and educational services added 4,300 jobs (+13.5%).

During the same period, private sector employment increased by 14,500 (+4.4%), while female employment increased by 13,700 (+5.4%). The provincial youth unemployment rate of 6.0 percent (aged 15-24) was the second lowest among provinces, well below the national rate of 9.2 percent (seasonally adjusted). In July 2022, several all-time employment records were broken, including full-time employment (490,300), off-reserve Indigenous employment (67,800), and off-reserve Indigenous full-time employment (56,500). Saskatchewan’s seasonally adjusted employment of 576,200 in July 2022 had recovered 100.4% from pre-COVID February 2020 employment levels.

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