Prepared by Peter Seeder, Vinay Krishnan; Edited by Christopher Samuel on August 13, 2020

Canada is seeing some economic growth in the country as life in Canada returns to normalcy due to ease on coronavirus restrictions which were imposed due to the ongoing pandemic.

According to the Labour Force Survey, nearly 55% of the 3 million jobs lost since April have recovered as of July.

Approximately 419,000 jobs were added in July, a 2.4 percent increase over the previous month. The recent survey by Statistics Canada on jobs, payrolls, and hours, shows that the coronavirus economic decline has seen a sharp turnaround following a steep fall.

Much of the jobs obtained were in part-time employment. In July, 3,45,000 part-time vacancies were filled, compared to 73,000 full-time workers. Data shows that only a few countries in the world has been able to make such a fast and healthy recovery.

Very recent immigrants have seen an exponential rise in employment. People who arrived over the past five years saw a 2.1 percent increase in employment in Canada for the third consecutive month.

In order to assess the Canadian workforce results, Statistics Canada conducts a comprehensive survey every month. The below graph exhibits data regarding employment rate for August 2019- July 2020.

Canada Recovers 55% Of Jobs Lost Due to Coronavirus

In late June, as part of its attempts to avoid the coronavirus’ spread, Canada extended travel restrictions on international travellers for the month of July. Although coronavirus measures were being scaled back, guidelines for social distancing and limits on large gatherings remained in place.

Also, contributing to the economic upswings, the proactive behaviour of individuals, families, employees, and employers, who tend to impose physical distancing standards and restrictions on large gatherings, enabling more people to return to work is also the reason for the return of normalcy in terms of jobs and employment in Canada.

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