Prepared by Rosa Edison, Vinay Krishnan, Christopher Samuel; Edited by Michael Albert on June 5, 2020

What is the situation in Canada NOWRight now, Canada is perhaps the world’s only open country!

Countries around the world have closed their borders, closed their airports, and imposed a lockdown to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

These emergency measures have also been implemented by Canada.

But at the same time, it also aims to strike a balance between COVID-19, while allowing international talent and foreigners. This is because Canada recognizes that newcomers will be part of the solution to support its economy during this tough period. And because of this reason, the country remains unwaveringly committed to bringing new talent by means of skilled and entrepreneurial migration.

Overall, the situation has made immigration favorable – see recent stats

Canada is doing everything it can to sustain the levels of migration across all streams, especially, FSWC, CEC, and PNPs. Since the availability of skilled laborer is increasingly scarce in many parts of the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, business (investment) migration may face labor shortage in impacted areas.

Several special measures are being adopted by the government of Canada to safeguard its immigration levels, despite the COVID-19 situation. The most significant measure was the decision to limit visits to the country until 30 June, although there were several major exceptions. The flattening of the coronavirus curve in Canada overall, as well as the incremental reopening of the Canadian economy, points to the possibility of lifting travel restrictions on schedule. The Canada-U.S. border could open on June 21. Travelers from other countries could also start to come back after June 30.

Canada has taken further steps to keep the Immigration System running as smoothly as possible. Canada aims to welcome global talent from all over the world and hence, will eventually resume draws for FSWP and FSTP candidates. If travel restrictions are lifted, we could see this happen sooner, rather than later.

So how can the situation be positive for Express Entry aspirants?

The abrupt dip in the availability of skilled workers and professionals due to the COVID-19 situation, has caused Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to consider all available options to fill the gap. Seasoned immigration professionals opine that this could mean a huge dip in the cut-off CRS score in the upcoming Express Entry draws.

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