Prepared by Peter Seeder, Vinay Krishnan; Edited by Christopher Samuel on August 5, 2020

Manitoba PNP draw invites 199 immigration candidates!

International student graduates and Skilled workers were invited to apply for the Manitoba provincial nomination program by the federal government of Canada.

On the 31st of July, Manitoba hosted its 95th draw under the Nominee Provincial Program (PNP).

A total of 199 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) were issued to immigration applicants under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

LAAs are invitations issued in order to receive the permanent residence in Canada.

Manitoba issued invitations under the following immigration streams:

Candidates with profiles in the federal Express Entry program were given 15 LAAs out of the 199 LAAs which were issued in the latest draw held by Canada.

Manitoba immigration streams:

The Skilled Workers Overseas Category and Skilled Workers in Manitoba category allows the province to appoint skilled workers to meet the labour market needs of Manitoba.

Candidates in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category must meet certain criteria, such as having a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in the province.

Overseas candidates are mandatorily required to have a connection with the province. It can be the previous work experience in Manitoba, close family ties, friends, or an invitation under one of the MPNP’s Strategic Recruitment Initiatives.

Foreign students graduating from a Manitoba educational institution may receive LAA under the International Education Stream if they have in-demand skills respectively.

Expression of Interest (EOI) system:

The LAAs are issued to Immigration candidates who have filed an Expression of Interest (EOI) with MPNP. The LAAs are issued through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas categories.

Candidates are ranked out of 1,000 points in terms of their English or French language abilities, their education, work experience or the links with Manitoba, as well as some other factors.

The most recent draw witnessed a cut-off score of 475 to obtain an LAA under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream. Skilled Workers Overseas candidates needed a minimum score of 764 points.


Express Entry Manitoba:

Express Entry manages applications for three federal immigration streams:

Eligible candidates are classified under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which gives them a rating based on age, work experience, education, and language ability.

Invitation to Apply (ITAs) are issued to the candidates with highest scores by the regular federal express entry draws conducted by IRCC.

If the 15 MPNP candidates who received an LAA from the draw which was conducted on 31st of July receive the provincial nomination, such candidates will be awarded an additional 600 points.

The additional points can guarantee (based on the current EE draw trends) that the candidate will be selected in the subsequent Express Entry draw.

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