April 9, 2019 By Jaqueline Blake

Manitoba Immigration

Statistics show that there has been a consistent rise in demand for Information Technology (IT) workers in the province of Manitoba since 2012. Companies that deal in various sectors of production (product-based as well as services-based) has been consistently hiring information technology workers to manage production with the help of advanced technologies.

Bold Commerce, Boeing Canada Technology, On4 Networks Corp., Bristol Aerospace, The Great-West Life Assurance Company, Cangene Corp., TD Trust, RBC, McNally Robinson, FPOM, Winnipeg Technical Services and Solutions, Solar EPC Canada, Ceridian Canada, etc., are some of the big names in their respective sectors worth mention.

During this month of April, Bold Commerce – an eCommerce company – will be recruiting world-class senior software developers from all around the world to join their growing IT teams. The first round of interviews is expected to be held in Paris, France this spring. Whilst the company has announced they have started accepting applications from skilled senior software developer candidates, they have not yet announced an application deadline.

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