Proof of fund- PF

General Information- Application processing Time, Application fees, Documents to be submitted, Work Reference letter and more.
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Proof of fund- PF

Post by Cool.patel » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:45 am

Hi there! My name is Patel, I have a question. I heard from one of my friends that we can use Provident fund as settlement fund for the immigration process. Can I use the Provident Fund of my spouse as Proof of Funds?
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Re: Proof of fund- PF

Post by Riyaz.Owlspriority » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:27 am

Hello Patel,

Yes it's acceptable since you're from India, please follow these steps below:
1.) You need to write a letter to the Regional PF Commissioner requesting for these documents.
2.) You need to go to PF office where your PF account belongs to, not during weekdays (saturday and sunday are holidays) after 10:00 AM IST.
3.) There would be a "Facilitation Center" or "Help Center" at the entrance for addressing daily visitors' requests. An official will listen to your request and provide necessary information. Please approach this official and show him your request letter and tell him what you need.
Important Note: If he says that no such letters/certificates will be provided in PF office, you can argue with him saying such letters are issued to my friends recently and also tell him that PF customer care suggested to get this letter from PF office directly.
4.) He will then check all your details in his computer, once satisfied he will give you a receipt and asks you to go and meet Accounts officer in Accounts section.
5.) Then, you need to go and provide your request letter and receipt to the officer in-charge in Accounts section. He will scrutiny your account details and asks you to come and collect the letter and statement either on the same day or after a couple of days.

Please use this link to check all the documents that needs to be collected ... NIrPa?dl=0

Hope that answers, the question. For more questions you can reply back or reach me at : 080-40950619.

Thank you.

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