Canada Job Types (Pros and Cons)

Everything might look a little different on your first few days in Canada. And depending on the urgency to start generating a steady income, you would want to start working as soon as possible.


“Job seeker” is a very broad term. The type and nature of the job could vary from one country to the other, and Canada being a multi-cultural nation, cross-cultural interaction and communication becomes vital not only at the workplace but in every walk of your life in Canada. Below are some of the types (buckets) the majority of job seekers fall under:


  • Persons who want to start working as soon as possible in Canada in order to support themselves and/or their family members;
  • Persons who wouldn’t have a specific job taste. It is quite natural for a person not to have a specific job taste during his or her first days in Canada as they are yet to explore the Canadian work culture and atmosphere;
  • Persons with keen interest in select jobs only;
  • Persons who are willing to take up entry-level jobs in the profession they have had developed their expertise before they started their life in Canada;
  • Persons who are willing to work in select jobs only and/or select designations;
  • Persons who are keen and curious to explore other professions and work atmospheres;
  • Persons who are willing to do voluntary jobs in order to gain Canadian work experience;
  • Persons who had developed a keen interest in the Canadian armed forces, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), etc.


Owlspriority Immigration’s jobs and career partners offer different job types, based on the person’s requirement. Some of them are:


Entry-Level jobs: If you are a person who is interested in an entry-level job in the profession you have had developed your expertise before you arrived in Canada, then this is the option to go for. However, you will need to attend some free seminars, webinars, workshops, etc., before you can start working. Some degree of training is required because, after all, it is going to be a completely new work culture, and depending on your profession, you will need to understand certain areas very clearly before engaging with any Canadian employer.


Quick Jobs: If you are a person who is looking to get into a job as quickly as possible (that is, you’re prioritizing the requirement of being employed over other factors related to employment), this is the best option to go for. Quick jobs are jobs that unlike Entry-Level or Managerial jobs, doesn’t require any special training. Meaning, these are jobs that are available in the Canadian labour market based on your nature, basic skill-set etc. For example, a customer executive job in Rogers if you are a person who like interacting with people, or, a help desk person for a software product if have decent reading and speaking skills, or, an executive at Walmart or London Drugs.


Voluntary Jobs: Performing voluntary work is a short-cut method to obtain Canadian work experience. Voluntary jobs may have only minimal wages, and sometimes they are wage-less. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable organizations, welfare associations, etc., offer good positions and profiles, should you wish to adorn your resume with some ethical Canadian work experience.


Managerial Jobs: Managerial jobs involve people skills, team management skills, etc. One way to quickly integrate into a Canadian managerial level role is to obtain Canadian work experience in a voluntary or entry-level job. However, should the prospective Canadian employer find the right candidate in you, there is no question of getting hired.


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